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Mediation is the intervention during a dispute or conflict and attempt to resolve the matter without having to go to court. During mediation, the negotiation process is facilitated by a neutral party, the mediator. The mediator ultimately aims to facilitate communication and promote reconciliation so that the parties arrive at a settlement or some type of agreement. While it is encouraged, the parties may or may not reach an agreement, and it is their decision to determine any outcomes, rather than the mediator. The team at The Gauthier Law Firm can handle any cases that involve mediation.

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What to Expect During Mediation

Initially, we ask that all parties complete and submit a request to mediate and agreement to mediate form that will allow our Richardson mediation lawyer to learn more about all concerns and ensure the commitment of working towards a resolution.

During the process, as the mediator, our attorney will typically open with a joint session and then separate the parties so that we can privately discuss all concerns. By separating all parties involved, they are allowed to speak freely and candidly. At any time during the mediation process, either party may consult with legal counsel or other persons. However, the persons directly involved in the dispute are expected to speak for themselves unless they have given specific authority to someone else to represent them during the mediation.

Some conflicts will settle simply and resolve quickly. However, some others may take time. The amount of time taken to settle a problem depends on the schedules, the circumstances, and the amount of cooperation of the parties. Hopefully, the end result is an agreement that both parties can ultimately be satisfied with. If not, parties may seek to enter into arbitration where any settlement and agreement is legally binding on all parties.

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

Litigation can be time-consuming, emotionally draining and very expensive. However, mediation is typically a better and more cost-effective means of dispute resolution than litigation or arbitration. It is a proven fact that many disputes arise from poor or nonexistent communication.

Some benefits of mediation include:

  • Being fully heard
  • Presenting your side of the story
  • Finding mutually satisfactory solutions

The outcome of mediation generally produces more satisfaction, cooperation, and compliance among its participants as compared with those who use litigation.

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