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There are many different circumstances where guardianship may become necessary. This can include severe circumstances, such as the death of one or both parents or alcohol abuse. It can also involve voluntary circumstances, such as in the case of a disabled adult who needs help. At The Gauthier Law Firm, we understand that the subject of guardianship can be sensitive. It can also be difficult to navigate the process, which is why retaining a guardianship attorney is essential.

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How Does Guardianship Work?

When a child's parents become unable to care for them, another family member may be able to seek guardianship to prevent the child from going to the foster parent. Guardianship may also be necessary for adults in some circumstances, such as elderly individuals or adults with disabilities. A guardian is appointed by the family court and given responsibility for taking care of the individual. This will include the same responsibilities a parent has, such as providing for them financially, giving them a safe place to live, and making legal decisions on their behalf. Depending on the circumstances, the child's parents may retain some parental rights or contact.

A guardianship may be required for a child if the parents:

  • Have a serious physical or mental illness
  • Have substance abuse issues
  • Have a history of child abuse
  • Are deceased

Our Guardianship Attorneys Are on Your Side

There are certain situations in which the court may appoint a guardian to ensure someone's safety, such as with a senior or disabled individual in need of help. The process of obtaining a guardianship may be hard to navigate on your own, as it is very complex. If you need assistance with guardianship matters, The Gauthier Law Firm can help. We know that guardianships are not always voluntary, such as in the case of domestic violence or drug abuse, so you need an ally on your side that will fight for you.

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