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Family Law & Divorce FAQs

If you are going through a divorce, custody dispute, or any other type of family law issue, you should not hesitate to retain representation. At The Gauthier Law Firm, we strive to provide our clients with upfront and straightforward information so you can make informed choices about your future.

Why and when should I involve a divorce lawyer?

It is always best to involve a divorce attorney as soon as possible. Even if you have not yet taken steps to end your marriage, receiving insight regarding the legal process and topics to consider can be helpful. We can provide you with objective advice and help you avoid common mistakes made as a result of the emotional turmoil.

To find out more or to get more answers to your questions, call a Richardson divorce lawyer at (214) 337-0786.

What issues can you help address?

Our firm focuses on divorce and family law issues. If you are ending a marriage or legally separating, we can help you with issues such as visitationchild supportchild custodyalimony, and property division. We can also assist with father's rightsguardianship, and adoption cases.

What should I do if my ex-spouse wants to relocate?

If your ex-spouse or the other parent of your child wishes to relocate, it can affect the visitation and custody arrangement. You will need to appeal to the family court to change the visitation or custody order. This is typically referred to as a move-away case or relocation, and they will need to prove that the move has your child's best interests in mind.

Can grandparents or siblings seek visitation rights?

Custody and family law matters often become more complex if children are involved. Grandparents may lose their visitation rights as a result of a divorce or separation. In other cases, you may feel that the parent of your grandchild is not fit to care for their child and want to intervene. Fortunately, our family lawyers at The Gauthier Law Firm can help you seek visitation or custody rights.

I want to obtain fathers' rights. Can you help?

If you share a child with someone to whom you are not married, you may have difficulty obtaining fathers' rights. In order to secure visitation or custody rights, you will need to establish paternity. We can help you to establish paternity and advise you of the responsibilities and rights that this will involve.

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