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At The Gauthier Law Firm, we know that going through a divorce can be difficult for you and your family in a number of ways. If you or your spouse relied on each other financially, you may have concerns about alimony payments. Our experienced attorneys have worked with many clients throughout Texas. We strive to work directly with you to build a case which supports our argument for a fair outcome. Whether you are worried about having to pay too much or you believe your ex-spouse isn't paying you enough, we can help.

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How Is Alimony Decided?

If you and your spouse can come to a decision together during the divorce, the payment is regarded as alimony. However, if you cannot agree or for whatever reason a dispute arises, the court may have to make a decision. In this case, the payment will be regarded as spousal maintenance. Many factors are considered when spousal maintenance is awarded by the judge, including the earnings, earning capacity, and obligations of each party. If the court determines that the spouse asking for support will not be able to provide for their basic needs at the time of the divorce, they may award spousal maintenance.

They may also award spousal maintenance if:

  • The spouse seeking support has full custody of a child (from the marriage) who needs special care due to a physical or mental disability
  • The spouses were married for 10+ years and the spouse seeking support cannot earn a sufficient income
  • A spouse was convicted of domestic violence against the other spouse or their child during the course of the marriage (within two years of divorce)
  • The spouse seeking support has a mental or physical disability preventing them from earning a sufficient income

Fighting for Fair Alimony in the DFW Area

If you and your spouse are able to remain amicable, having a conversation where you can sit down and come up with a reasonable alimony payment is the best case scenario. This agreement can then be submitted to the judge for approval. However, we understand that this is not always possible. If your divorce case goes to litigation, you can rely on our Dallas-Ft. Worth attorneys at The Gauthier Law Firm to fight for fair payments on your behalf.

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