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Many courts unfairly favor mothers when it comes to divorce and family law matters, especially in the case of child custody or visitation. In fact, some go as far as not granting fathers any custody rights at all in cases where they should. If you have found your rights as a father violated or threatened, The Gauthier Law Firm can help. Our fathers' rights lawyers can fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights are not overlooked. Regardless of whether you are going through a divorce or are not married to the other parent of your child, we're here to uphold your rights.

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Securing Fathers' Rights in Texas

When you and your spouse (or the other parent of your child) cannot come to a decision about custody or visitation, the decision is left to the judge. A family court judge is responsible for deciding which parent will have primary custody, which parent will have legal custody, and what type of visitation will be granted. The goal of any family court should be to preserve both parent's rights to spend time with the child, whenever possible. Sadly, this is not always possible. When circumstances have created barriers to your legal rights, we can step in and help fix the situation.

Father's rights may include the right to:

  • File for changes in child support or custody
  • Request enforcement action if the other parent doesn't follow the guidelines
  • Make decisions about the child's education, healthcare, and religion
  • Raise the child through a custody and visitation agreement

Offering Caring Client Advocacy

At The Gauthier Law Firm, we believe that fathers who have a desire to maintain a relationship with their child and the ability to provide for their needs should be able to do so. We also understand that obtaining rights as a father can be a struggle. Our legal team are here to advocate for you and educate you about your case so you can make well-informed decisions. Regardless of whether we achieve your goals in negotiations, or litigation is necessary, you can rely on us for aggressive representation. Our firm has helped many fathers like yourself throughout Texas to establish paternity and obtain legal rights to biological children.

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